Christmas Shows – Outside The Frame & Who Stole The Chips?


December 1, 2016, 7 pm

Salza i Smyah Theatre

Georgi S. Rakovski St. 127, Sofia


Iliev Dance Company


Konstantin Wladigeroff (piano), Alexander Wladigeroff (trumpet), Nedyalko Nedyalkov (kaval) & Stoyan Yankoulov (percussion)


More information:

“Outside the Frame” is an innovative art production which combines dance, live jazz performance and painting behind one artist’s creative concept – to fuse together different art forms towards a larger complex structure which surpasses the established boundaries of artistic expression. Choreographer Petur Iliev is the creative mind behind the project, and the whole show is a metaphor for his artistic attitude, mentality and capability: always searching, pushing the limits of tradition and convention, as both his choreography and complete shows demonstrate aspiration to challenge the comfortable and the familiar, to explore and experiment with new dance techniques and ideas for stage presentation.

At the core of the production are four dance pieces which combine several different techniques: ballet, modern, jazz and Bulgarian folk dance. They are set to music which has been especially created for them by the young and renowned contemporary Bulgarian composers Petar Ralchev, Svetoslav Karparov, Nedylako Nedyalkov and Konstantin and Alexander Wadigeroff. As such, the pieces carry in themselves a strong ethnic Bulgarian flare, which is a signature to Petur Iliev’s work. As a dance teacher and choreographer, his production expresses the unique combination of a background deeply steeped in the rich folk dance and music traditions of his family, and a long and successful career at some of the most distinguished US dance institutions.

Renowned pedagogue and choreographer Paula Weber from Kansas City Ballet is also a featured guest-artist in the production.

The Iliev Dance Company currently comprises of 12 dancers – young artists who are trained in different dance styles and able to perform the intricate steps and figures required by the production. 

Concept and choreography: Petur Iliev

Guest-choreographer: Paula Weber, Kansas City Ballet

Who Stole the Chips?

Concept and choreography: Petur Iliev

Music: Svetoslav Karparov


Participating: 103rd “Vassil Levski” School in Filipovci – Sofia, 116th “Paisii Hilendarski” School in the village of Yana, The Anglo-American School of Sofia, and the National School of Dance Art

Libretto: Lyudmil Popov

Visual design: Vania Valkova

Saxophone solo: Vladimir Karparov

Assistant choreographers: Rositsa Terziyska and Yanitsa Stankeva

Lighting design: Viktor Georgiev

Photography: Zdravko Yonchev Photography and Iko Media Ltd.

Production management: Milena Dyankova

Project coordinator: Dessislava Teofilova

 The lunch food in a school cafeteria has suddenly and mysteriously disappeared. The principal sets up a student task force to investigate the case and solve the puzzle. The children get started on the track left by the perpetrators and do not notice how the tiny inhabitants of the school – little mice, ants and spiders – gradually carry out food from the premises. The animals are doing this, however, because they have been hypnotized and are manipulated by treacherous extra-terrestrials from the planet Bruno. They have come to planet Earth to steal the food of its population. The extra-terrestrials are gathering the food deliveries and tasting them. While they are enjoying the chips, however, they start experiencing acute stomach pain, because of all the harmful ingredients contained in this type of processed food. They are found in this wretched state and confronted by the detectives who have just solved the puzzle and have come, joined by the principal, to apprehend the criminals. At this moment, however, the extra-terrestrials disappear – they simply evaporate, just in the way they had arrived. The principal then invites all the students to a lunch prepared from the only remaining food supplies in the school – fresh vegetables, which the cooks have turned into a delicious soup.