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Лятна Танцова работилница "Dance It!"
 Scholarship Recipients  
  • “I`d never had such an exciting thing happen in my life!”

    Daniel Tichkov, 19 , graduated NUTI, professional dancer at the state opera house in Ruse, Bulgaria

  • “Excitement, and thirst to test yourself, and the feeling that you are in a special place – you`ve come so far! (…) I will miss Lankershim Blvd. – the boulevard we walked down several times a day to reach the dance studios – a route filled with thoughts, excitement and fun”

    Zdravko Kostadinov, 25 , choreographer at Groovez Community, Sofia Bulgaria

  • It was a dream come true, accompanied with loads of efforts and followed by many positive things! (…) I found out that in the USA and not only, you have to dance everything – you can`t just be a classical ballerina, dance is changing – it is something inevitable.

    Andrea Andonova, 18 ., Graduated NUTI 

  • “One unforgettable adventure! My personal dream for 7 years!”

    Alex A-Style Tsvetkova, 24, choreographer at DemDivas Crew

  • “A big THANK YOU! This scholarship gave me the chance to move… not one step, but to jump forward!”

    Rositsa Terziiska, graduated АМТИИ, choreographer at “Mirage” formation – Ruse, Bulgaria 

  • “I think going there was very worth it. My whole body was in pain every day. I worked a lot, I was in classes and rehearsals from 10 a.m. to 5:30 p.m., I ran to catch the train, to go to class, it was so dynamic… Now I everything seems so boring and I don`t know what to do. (…) Here, at our theaters, we are sleeping. At Ballet Chicago I finally felt I was awake.”

    Viktor Denisov, professional dancer at the state music and ballet center. 

  • “This was undoubtedly a new and enriching experience for me. I got the incredible opportunity to get to know a new style of dance, such as jazz. It was a pleasure to try it out and understand why it is so popular and loved in the United States. The teachers also impressed me immensely. It was a true pleasure to work with everyone. The other incredible opportunity I received was immersing myself in the American culture – so completely different from the Bulgarian.”

    Nikolina Karageorgieva, MA student at АМТИИ; assistant-choreographer at the Iliev Dance Art Foundation.